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airy summer wardrobe staple

The Summer Skirt

Chicago-based independent designer, here to help build your dream wardrobe - timeless, unique, and made with utmost attention to quality.

Each piece is crafted in Chicago with the highest-quality, eco conscious fabric, so you can effortlessly look and feel your best. Read more

The art of sharp dressing starts quality basics that make anything you wear look good. Tailored with attention to detail, these are the building blocks of your wardrobe - designed to be in your frequent rotation and elevate your daily looks.

Made in Chicago

Every piece is made in small batches in Chicago (West Loop and Lake View areas) with utmost care and attention to details, ensuring that you have high-quality wardrobe staples for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions


6 Ways to Style Black Pants (Washable Merino - Wide Leg)

6 Ways to Style Black Pants (Washable Merino - Wide Leg)

Black Wool Pants don't have to be just for the office. In fact, when paired with casual pieces, they can make the entire look interesting. A pair of high-quality pants will flatter you and make you...

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Fabrics We Use For Cobalt Garments

Fabrics We Use For Cobalt Garments

Fashion is one of the most environmentally taxing industries in the world. For our styles, we research hundreds of different fabrics to find those that have minimal impact on the environment witho...

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5 steps to becoming a conscious fashion consumer

5 Steps to Become A More Conscious Fashion Consumer

For many, clothes have always been a form of self-expression of identity and exercise in style and creativity. What we wear can make us feel more in touch with our inner self, while helping us pres...

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