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About Cobalt

Fashion is a joy in life.

Or at least it should be, until 20 years ago when fast fashion emerged. Quality was exchanged for speed, overflowing our closets with stuff that we barely wear. “More and faster” was the industry’s motto, and what followed was significant exploitation and pollution of the environment. Still, we rarely find things that fit right, are of high quality, and also are comfortable. 

That's why in August of 2019, I started Cobalt - as an answer to the problems in this industry and fulfillment of a lifelong passion to create high quality fashion while remaining
 socially and environmentally conscious.

My team and I search through hundreds of fabrics to find responsibly sourced textiles to bring each garment to life. We carefully partner with manufacturers both locally and abroad to make sure they practice ethical processes, and to make sure that our clothes feel as good as they look. Along the way, we seek out input from women to make each piece we produce not only fashionable, but also functional.

My promise is to design clothing that is high in quality and environmentally responsible, and to extend the same spirit to everyone I work with in the process. At the cutting edge of design, fabric technology, and environmentalism is where I'll ensure Cobalt will be.