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Article: Inclusive Fashion: How We Do Better

Inclusive Fashion

Inclusive Fashion: How We Do Better

Inclusive Fashion

There are so many moving parts to the fashion line launch, but the main one has always been the fit.

Most brands figure out their sizing by fitting a new design on 1 - 2 models (who are likely 5’8”, weighs 110 pounds, and wears size S). After that, they simply auto-scale the dress pattern up / down to create a full line up of sizes.

We know that we can (and must) do better. So when we designed our debut styles, we sought out feedback from over 4000+ women and tried the fit with over 20 models with a variety of sizes, body types, and heights.

We aspire to make fashion that fit, flatter and contour the beautiful bodies we all come in. Because we believe that confidence should be a right, not a privilege. 😊

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