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How to care for your washable Merino Wool

Composition: 100% Merino Wool (Woven)

Merino Wool is known for the following:
- Luxury wool: regarded as the finest softest wool of any sheep
- Superior breathability: allows air to escape through it's microscopic holes in its fibers
- Odor resistance: effectively manages moisture, which prevents bacteria from thriving thus preventing odor


With proper care, you can keep your piece looking new for a long time. 🌱

Please make sure to machine wash on Wool Setting (Cold) only. Improper wash will shrink your wool garment.
If you do decide to dry clean, opt for gentle dry clean. Please do not use bleach.
The included mesh bag can double as a protective laundry bag.
Please do not tumble dryWe recommend handing or laying flat to dry. Tumble dry will shrink your wool garment.
Please iron on low temperature / Wool setting.
When you travel, roll the garment up instead of folding - this will minimize wrinkles.
If you have any other questions about care, you can simply chat with us or email us at