We require that all of our fabrics come from environmentally sustainable sources as conservation and preservation are at the core of our values.

For this jacket, we use 100% Scottish Wool Tweed for the outer layer and 100% BCI Botton for the inner lining.

Environmental information of this Wool Tweed:
- Sourced from non-mulesing farms. (source)
- REACH compliant, with no harmful chemicals used in the process. (source)
- Woven in environmentally-aware rapier looms in a dry production facility with strict adherence to preserving the local environment. (source)

- Wool is rapidly biodegradable. (source)
- Wool is 100% natural. (source)

Environment information of BCI Cotton:
-  BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) brings together farmers, ginners, traders, spinners, mills, retailers, brands, civil society and grassroots organizations in a unique global community committed to developing BCI Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity. (source)
- Production of regular cotton is often vulnerable to environmental degradation and poor working conditions. BCI helps farmers grow cotton in a way that reduces stress on the local environment and improves the livelihoods and welfare of farming communities by creating long-term change. (source)